Pioneer Powder has been formulating and manufacturing powder coatings since 1993. Our management team has been with us from the start and has decades of industry experience from large powder manufacturers and production powder coating facilities This allows us to view product and customer development opportunities from a unique and practical perspective. We have a clear, experience-based understanding of value engineering.

39 percent of our volume is from customers who have been with us since our inception 17 years ago, 41 percent is from clients of  3 years or more. We focus on customer needs!

In November 2008 we opened a newly designed production facility equipped with the latest technology for clean, efficient, repeatable powder production, allowing us to triple our capacity.

95 percent of our volume is in custom formulated powders individually designed for our customers’ specifications and production requirements.

Once established and approved, batch-to-batch consistency is maintained to the highest possible level.

Routine customer reviews help us improve formulas to keep up with your evolving products, so you are always ahead of the technology curve.

Longstanding relationships with our suppliers afford us the luxury of not only the best prices, but access to the latest material advances and joint product development.

Our technical assistance and personalized customer service capabilities can be tailored to your requirements.

Wherever possible we buy only from domestic sources that not only provide the most reliable supply chain, but also reinvests the maximum revenue percentage back into our local and domestic economies.

All of our revenue is reinvested in the U.S. None of our revenue is sent overseas to build powder facilities that will serve manufacturers competing against your products.

We can make the products you are now using at the same or less applied cost and deliver on all the benefits above. Why not take a serious look at Pioneer Powder?


“It’s the Finish that Counts”